The art of dermal fillers; the injection technique determines the result

In the application of injectables obviously the use of the best materials is essential. Much less known is the importance of  an optimal injection technique. The way the dermal fillers are injected determine largely the cosmetic result. An example of an innovative technique in this field of injectables is the “Fern Pattern Technique”.

Drs. Tom van Eijk in 2005 developed the “Fern Pattern” injection technique, with which strengthening the skin proved possible without blowing up the face in an unnatural way. An additional benefit for the patient is that less filler is needed (which makes the treatment cheaper) and more longer-lasting results are achieved. The trick is to inject hyaluronic acid precisely according to a certain pattern (in the shape of a fern leaf) into the appropriate skin layer. The result is a firming of the skin.

Used worldwide

He wrote a scientific article about this discovery in the renowned “Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.” This article was an international breakthrough and ensured that doctors all over the world that adopted this technique changed the way they injected dermal fillers ever since. Most workshops for professionals are being organised nowadays without interference from the injectable filler manufacturers to ensure an unbiased freedom of peer education, via the Tom van Eijk Academy.

For an even and smooth skin

The technique allows the physician to very accurately restore the firmness of the skin so that the natural contours of the face are emphasized again. In particular, the skin that has been damaged by acne or sunlight can be corrected very effectively.

Collagen production

When Restylane is injected into the skin the cells themselves will start producing more collagen in the months to come. The pattern of firmness which the Fern Pattern Technique created is enhanced and replaced after some time by a skin with enriched collagen. This results in a correction which will last for years, especially after repetitive treatments.

Treatment Regime

To make the best use of skin-stimulating properties of hyaluronic acid Dr. Tom van Eijk in many cases will propose a treatment regime. This means that every few months a treatment is planned to gradually work towards a natural and optimal cosmetic correction. If the desired result is achieved a touch up once every 12 to 18 months will be ample.

Other techniques developed by Tom van Eijk include Lip Tenting Technique, which gives a nice regular and natural lip augmentation, and Palma Technique, created to deal with the “tired look”.