A subtle change by ‘Lip Tenting’; this revolutionary technique for beautiful lips is developed by Dr. Tom van Eijk.

Subtle adjustment of the lip volume

Lips are an important part of our face and thus determine to a great extent our appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone has beautiful full lips to begin with. In addition, the volume of the lips declines as years go by. Narrowing of the lips can give a face a harsh, less friendly appearance.

Also, wrinkles may appear. A treatment of the lips with lip fillers brings volume and shape (back) to the mouth. Most women (and men) want a subtle increase in the lip volume, not overly ‘done’ thick lips. A much sought detail is the so-called ‘Canine Arc ‘, a raised contour at the level of the upper canine teeth. This gives an extra attractive shape to the upper lip.

Ratio lower lip and upper lip

The lower lip is also eligible for augmentation, although the lower lip usually has more volume than the upper lip. For a natural effect of lip fillers it is always important to let the lower lip be fuller or equally as full in respect to the upper lip.

Lip augmentation

Previously lips were filled with animal derived collagen. This effect was only lasting for three months and could at a certain percentage of patients cause allergic reactions. Also, silicone oil is a time been popular because it gave a permanent enlargement. Unfortunately, the side effects also proved to be of a permanent nature.

Since 1996, the vast majority of the lip treatments are performed safely with hyaluronic acid. This skin’s own molecule retains water and provides a long-lasting but not permanent effect. Because it resembles human hyaluronic acid for 99% the body will not recognize this material as ‘foreign’ and the filling is well tolerated.

Comfortable treatment

The area around the mouth is very sensitive by nature. We find it essential that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Therefore the doctor will numb your lips with local anesthesia so the lip augmentation will not hurt at all. The anesthetic injections are barely perceptible by the special technique applied by Dr. Tom van Eijk. If you do not appreciate being anesthetized with injections then a pretreatment with numbing cream is also an option.